Trading is a global Industrial Trading company with a combined 30 years of experience in Business-to-Business Trading. R2M is represented in 5 Continents with employees with the relevant experience and local knowledge to conduct trading both locally and internationally.

Our newly launched website provides a global trading platform where buyers and suppliers can meet and do business effectively. We intend to develop an exclusive and extensive international industrial trading platform that is recognised worldwide. We strive to ensure real buyers and real suppliers are connected through our unique vetting process.

We currently deploy our resources to several countries and actively search for new and exciting trading opportunities.  We serve buyers and suppliers alike and make it possible for their products and services to be exported to potential markets.

R2M transfers its knowledge and expertise through the mobility of our representatives. We recognise that conducting business in a global market place,  diverse cultures, local knowledge and customs, are of prime importance.

We are also very proud of being one of the few trading websites that offers the “Instant Agent” membership agreement, where individuals from all over the globe can become representatives of a deal, through their business contacts.